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We are an early stage, technology focused venture capital firm that founded in 2018.

Based in Turkey, Lithuania and United Arab Emirates the Lynx Capital supports entrepreneurs of future in the field of information technologies by funding Early Stages of organizations.

eCommerce & Marketplace

Innovative, purposeful, global and local need-based eCommerce and Marketplace ideas that we are looking for to provide support to enterprises.

Internet of Things

By the meaning of beyond future, we believe that machine to machine communication leads the way for emerging era.

Mobile Games

Since 1997, almost $40 billion of value has been created for investors & founders in the game sector. We believe that is just the beginning of incredible value creation from new disruptive game companies.

B2B Cloud & SaaS

Today’s small/medium businesses and enterprises are forming/transforming their IT infrastructure with the help of cloud. This area covers all cloud-based enterprise support services and emerging ICT solutions.


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Tatilde Kirala

Tatildekirala is a Turkish company which operates an online marketplace and hospitality services for people to lease or rent short-term homes and boats.


Onur Atakay
Onur Atakay
Ruşen Mat
Ruşen Mat
Semih Coşkun
Semih Coşkun


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